Green Goddess

Artist Series - T

I had no instant inspiration for the goddess, It was a gradual thing that crept up on me... I am not that fond of green guitars and she was going to be Lake Placid over Sonic, that's how it started anyway... then came the Nitro lacquer, I put the wrong one in the spray gun, it was amber tint ...ooops! turned my blue into this translucent green. ...I liked it a lot so carried on... sometimes the best things in life happen by mistake... that's what I say anyway!

Then she just blossomed from there into the goddess she truly is.


Neck - Quarter sawn 1pc lightly roasted maple with 21 vintage tall frets 10 radius C profile, very comfortable, finished in satin super slippery Nitro 

Tuners - Aged Gotoh Vintage

String Tree - Single button

Nut - TUSQ Permanently lubricated

Body - American Alder 2.2 kilo's finished as described above. fitted with nickel string through ferrules

Pickups - Matched pair vintage wound 52 hand made by JL custom winders, lovely tone

Control Panel - Gotoh with hand wired vintage spec loom by David "bucky" Buck with the addition of the 6 way switching, all the Tele tones plus a few more !

Bridge - Gotoh vintage with hardened brass barrel saddles


All hardware when possible is nickel.

This guitar comes with hard case and COA to authenticate the build.

She is a pleasure to play, very well balanced in all respects with tones to match.

I want you to own a guitar that you just don't want to put back in its case and will work with you to achieve the sound and look that's personal to you.


Please contact me for more information on this or any other custom build.

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