Lago Placido

Artist Series - S

  • The Artisan is made from the finest available woods cut and contoured to match the old guitars of the 50s and 60s.

  • Woods used are Swamp Ash, Baseball Bat Ash, Alder, Sugar Pine, Walnut.

  • Each wood giving its own distinctive tone.

  • All of the bodies are finished in ultra "thin skin" Nitro paints and lacquers.

  • Necks are quater sawn 21 fret maple, roasted maple or rosewood slab board 7.25, 9.5 or 10 radius with vintage 6320 or 6105 vintage tall frets.

  • Profiles V or C.

  • All boards have rolled fretboard edges for a played in feel.

  • I can supply a 22 fret rosewood board C profile 10 radius.

  • Compound radius by special order.

  • Tuners featured are Vintage Gotoh.

  • All hardware where possible is nickel.

  • Looms are hand made in the UK using only the finest componants.

  • Options available for looms are standard 5 way.

  • Standard 7 way aka The Black Strat, with recessed toggle.

  • 5 way with master tone and blend allowing you to bring the neck pickup in gradually or the bridge in switch positions where these pickups are normally off.

  • We also do our own version of the Eric Johnson floating wire loom, this gives individual tone control to the neck on tone 1 and the middle on tone 2 with the bridge running no tone.

  • Pickups are hand made scatter wound by the very best UK and European winders, made to replicate the tones of the early years.

  • All hardware is professionally aged to match the look and feel of the finished guitar.

I want you to own a guitar that you just don't want to put back in its case and will work with you to achieve the sound and look that's personal to you.


Please contact me for more information on this or any other custom build.

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