Ska Rat

Artist Series - T

  • The SKA RAT was built for Andy Gardner to his own specification but with a few little extras that I felt were right for this guitar...Andy also thinks so.

  • This is a stunning guitar built using American Baseball Bat Ash with a comfort contour to the arn and also to the back, powered by Dominger Pickups specially built for this guitar using a PAF type design neck pickup with raw nickel cover and an 11 pole bridge pickup, this is just like a standard 6 pole in sound but just on steroids ! These are balanced by Joce Dominger to work together and give some stunning tones, this is also built with a split on the neck to give that all familiar T tone.

  • All hardware is hand aged nickel.

  • The neck is Bazillian Rosewood on ​​ 1/4 sawn hard rock maple.

  • SOLD

I want you to own a guitar that you just don't want to put back in its case and will work with you to achieve the sound and look that's personal to you.


Please contact me for more information on this or any other custom build.

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