Let me build you the "California" you have been dreamin' of

Who I am...

"The home of my inspirations and creations"

My guitars are simply about getting the sound, the look and the feel. Having a guitar that although is new, feel's right and look's like an old friend. A road worn California guitar is not just about the "look" its also about softening the edges, making it comfortable, familiar, with sound and tone to match. ...Every instrument I make comes from my love of all things guitar with the iconic shapes of the "T" and the "S".


Me you ask? I am just an old session player who was disappointed with factory built guitars, I just wanted to have something that was made for me with the sound and feel I wanted but without the price tag of most that were on offer, so I built my own with the help and instruction of some of the best luthier's and builders in the UK, Europe and the USA.


The rest is, as they say... history!


Guitar Players

"The world is full of beautiful sounds...

You just need to know how bring it out."


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